Friday, 30 December 2016

2062: The Year of Transition (Human Obsolescence Book 1) Greg Vitrano

In 2062: The Year of Transition (Human Obsolescence Book 1) the future has already arrived.
Technology has overtaken the need for human labour, children are genetically engineered and, as predicted, sex with a human being is unthinkable and this is down to humanoids with supreme sexual prowess.
It is always captivating to read an imagined future and I was quickly sucked into reading this book. Our protagonist is Axel, designed to be brilliant, and at this point in his life is anxious and hoping to get into one of the top five schools.
I like how the introduction segues seamlessly to the middle part of the book and was gripped by the finish, with the idea of humans fully transferring themselves over to becoming humanoid and able to live for many years. The idea is startling.
2062: The Year of Transition (Human Obsolescence Book 1) shows the isolation technology puts us in, the invasion to our privacy, obsession and, as a young man, Axel puzzles over the is this love or sex conundrum.
It is interesting to read and ponder the question do the humanoids have rights? In this book they are still regarded as property but I was ticked off that they are relied on to cook and, being man made, the sex is on tap and never dull. Women are objectified.
I think my main issue with this book is the way it is written. We whiz through events in his life, as he matures and grows suspicious of government involvement and ZZ, his female humanoid companion.
Instead of telling us that Axel became more mature, why does the writer not show us this?
2062: The Year of Transition (Human Obsolescence Book 1) works better when events are taking place, not when it is blocks of description.
Sci-fi and fantasy lovers will enjoy this book, which is a terrifying look into a future that might actually happen

(Be aware this book does have bad language and some sexy bits) 

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