Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Book Review. Dynomike – Come at me, bro. Frankie B.Rabbit

​Dynomike – Come at me, bro
By Frankie B.Rabbit 
Is a children’s book and the first, of any genre, that I have read that is perfect for the Kindle app. It is laid out in a way that is almost like a stage play. 
Visually, this is a stunning book. There are illustrations on every page and they put a smile on  my face. I like the quirky characters and the overall story, about standing up to a bully. 
My one criticism would be that the wording, on occasion, is stilted. For example 
‘I hope he’s not in town
I hope he’s not around 
He makes our day scary
And gives us all a frown’
Many of the rhymes in this book are perfect chants and may just fill children with confidence. I was cheering by the finish of this book.
Ultimately Dynomike – Come at me, bro is a great book to read and share with children, that will send out a positive message that bullies are simply afraid themselves. This will raise a few chuckles. I think this will also provide an opening into discussing with children the many forms that bullying comes in and how wrong it is. 
A perfect book for children and the best news is there are more in the series! 

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