Monday, 19 December 2016

Book Review. Looking for JJ. Anne Cassidy.

What stands out for me in Looking For JJ is that Anne Cassidy made me feel empathy for a murderer and actually not so much care for the victim. 
This is a slow burner of a book and I feel oddly unsatisfied after finishing it. It may be because Looking For JJ is more of an account and not a story set in the present.
I believe the book shows us what really goes on when a murderer is reassigned a new identity, the risks and unsettlement. Plus what if you fall in love, do you tell that person about your past?
Also of interest is the impact a neglectant parent can have on the psyche of a child. Jennifer Jones, it appeared, was a frustrated child and, prior to murdering her best friend, there are incidents that lead up to it. It indicated that it is not necessary for there to be one isolated event, as is often not the case. 
The dialogue can be cringy and it is difficult to target this at any one specific age group. I think the subject matter is not suitable for young children and yet adults might not find the style of writing Looking For JJ is written in too appealing either. 
I re read Looking For JJ quite a bit and I like I discover something new in the text on every read. 

I recommend this if you haven’t read it already. 

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