Thursday, 29 December 2016


I cannot say much about this book. I wouldn't want to give away the plot twist that has bite.
Oedipussy has a feel of excitement to it. Some of the sentencing is iffy. The description of the band member characters was so eloquently described.
Set in the 90s, a high schooler starts a band, with his girlfriend to be the ‘eye candy'
They practise, make a demo tape and perform at their first gig, which is a success.
By a hundred pages in I felt as if something was creeping up on me, as if something was going to happen and everything is too perfect. Cue, the plot twist.
This is nostalgic, sexy, surreal, slick, something you can vibe with and also desperately sad but it does have a gloss of unreality to it, which lets this down unfortunately. However, it is an excellent coming of age story.
This is for fans of bands, music and the 90s.

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