Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Book Review. Bright Minds Empty Souls / Uncaged Wallflower. Jennae Cecelia.

I Want to Know Why is the stand out poem in Uncaged Wallflower, a poetry collection by Jennae Cecelia. 
I like the letter that begins this book. It is nice to know where the author is coming from, and we share similar sentiments. 
I can definitely relate to poem Change, when author writes ‘Even as a child I would be frustrated when the store would move the aisle of supplies to a different location than before’
These poems made me think, contemplate and reflect. 
If you need some motivation you can’t go wrong with this collection of inspiring poetry.

Aw is my feeling towards Bright Minds Empty Souls.
With the odd poem being in second person perspective, these are mostly observations of love, from falling, to it ending and hurting.
I think Bright Mind, the title poem, is all too brief but I did like the metaphors and imagery. Childhood was one of my favourite poems, and Aggression.

Bio : 
Jennae Cecelia was born on February 16th, in St. Paul, Minnesota. She is the self-published author of the poetry books, Bright Minds Empty Souls and Uncaged Wallflower. Expressing herself through art – writing, drawing, painting, photography, has always been one of her strongest passions. It allows for her to share her emotions in non-traditional ways. Jennae is well known for her poetic soul and vitality. With years of unpublished work, she is most excited about creating ways to further enhance her reader’s experience.

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