Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Book Review. Butter. Erin Lange.

Butter is more than a book about a teen struggling with his self image and a crush. 
Protagonist Butter plays the saxophone, is overweight and pretends to be somebody he is not on the Internet. He loathes himself, but can he ever find the strength to change his life?
Butter tackles the subject of bullying, popularity and suicide.
Butter plans to eat himself to death on New Years Eve. There is a shocking moment when his new found ‘friends’ Trent and Parker are thinking his plan is a game, and ask if he has a bucket list. 
The suspense isn’t too long drawn out, and Erin Lange is a natural storyteller. Butter is, at times, a horrible character (with good reason) and I rooted for him. Some characters could have been more fleshed out, but that is my only criticism. 
Butter gives us something to think about, and it is good to read a male perspective on food and suicide. 

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