Saturday, 7 January 2017

Book Review. North. Amanda Linehan.

In North by Amanda Linehan we are introduced to Jayne, who we have no real reason to like as she has just robbed the store she worked at. She is an unlikely heroine. She seems to be young and yet can handle a gun and hotwire a car.
Within three chapters we are given a good reason to not put North down and continue reading Jayne’s story. I like the characters. There is twist after twist and a teeth grinding finish. There is a slight romance that, thankfully, does not dominate the story.
Apart from Jayne, cop Savage also narrates North. This relationship between the two is the core of the book. Savage and her cop partner are a well used cliché, the cop duo, but this peters out eventually.
I like the first real conversation between Jayne and Jack, who Jayne has kidnapped. He asks ‘do you ever wonder where people are going?' which opens up a thousand different possibilities. Jayne’s reply shows a lot of what her personality is like.
I am curious about Jayne at the finish of the book and wonder if Amanda Linehan could write more about her personal development and blossoming relationships.
North is a different type of young adult novel, that could so easily have been a disaster, but instead is a stand out novel and for any fan of its genre.

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