Friday, 17 March 2017

Book Review. Jorie and the Magic Stones. A. Richardson.

Genre Children's books
My Rating ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
My Review
I did enjoy the opening pages of Jorie and the Magic Stones, by A. H. Richardson. The description of Lord Fodomalk's wings 'inflated, looking like enormous spider webs and making snapping, creaking, cracking sounds as they slowly unfolded.' and 'Marjorie Beatrice Weaver, who preferred to be called Jorie.' who is a likable child: excitable, curious, and intelligent.
She is going to live with her great aunt Letty. On arrival at Mortimer Manor, and left alone to get ready for dinner, Jorie explores her new bedroom, and finds a book. The book is concealed beneath a loose floorboard. This book is titled The flying Dragons of Varadwan, and begins a thrilling adventure for Jorie, her new friend Rufus, and the reader.
The characters, the creatures, and lands that the children encounter, and come to, are well written, and compelling. The premise of the story is simple enough, and the ending opens up the possibility of a second book about Jorie.
My one flaw would be that the ending felt rushed, as if the finding of the final two stones was an after thought.
Jorie and the Magic Stones captured my imagination.
The book is a good old fashioned fantasy, with a mystery feel to it, and the villains, and dastardly creatures, were cruel, but had their opportunities to show their softer side.

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