Monday, 8 May 2017

Book Review. Chuck the Rooster Loses his Voice. Sigal Haber.

Genre Children's Books
My Rating 🐓🐓🐓🐓

When Chuck the Rooster lost his voice, life on the farm began to go wrong.
In an attempt to deal with the situation, the animals try to find a replacement from amongst themselves, to fill the sick rooster's place. So they organize a singing contest.

Will someone be found to take Chuck's place? How will the rooster react to the idea? And will there be another “Farm Idol”?

“When Chuck the Rooster Lost His Voice” is Dr. Sigal Haber's children book.
Its Theme was inspired by the world of organizational management in which she specialized for many years.
The story describes, with humor and wit, what happens when an employee in the imaginary animal farm has trouble functioning or is absent from work. The farm animals, who are amusingly anthropomorphized, are exposed to issues such as duty, cooperation, and dealing with the unexpected.
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Chuck the Rooster is sick, and all of the farmyard animals get together to find out - 'The rumours gathered like thunder.' as to what might be wrong with him. I loved reading about the consequences of the rooster being too sick to wake them all in the morning. There's an illustration of fireflies around a Save Energy sign, which struck me. 
I'm not sure about a lizard being present, as I wouldn't class him as a farmyard animal. 
With the Rooster once diagnosed it is decided on a singing contest to take over the Rooster's role temporarily. This gives that lesson of acting together to resolve a problem. Although there is a healthy amount of competition between the animals.
Chuck the Rooster loses his Voice is lengthier than some children's books, with longer, and sometimes more complex, sentences. I liked the story, the illustrations, and the overall team spirit, and humour, in the book too. 

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