Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Book Review. Wonder. R. J. Palacio.

Genre Young Adult 
My Rating ✏✏✏✏

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I don't like the title of this book, but I did like the realistic look into the lives of an array of teenagers, all with their own personal problems. I did also like that this didn't descend into August being bullied, or is miserable in school, and distances himself from his family. There wasn't a major romance part played either, which tends to be a fixture in young adult novels.
August had never been to school before, but having had numerous surgeries on his face, it is going to be more difficult for him to fit in.
I liked The Cheese Touch chapter. I was shocked by the thought that people wouldn't touch August purely because of what he looks like.
The part where he overhears classmates talking about August, 'If I looked like him, seriously, I think that I'd kill myself.' was shocking too, at the cruelty of it.
Alien was also a chapter that upset me as well, as August again has to defend himself against the callous ignorance of children older than him, asking, 'What is that?'

With various narrators in parts of this book, it gives a total view of how people see those like August, including his sister, Olivia.
Wonder is a book that gives the reader plenty to think about, and will appeal to many, if not all, people.

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